What people say?

"Thank you for your kind professionalism in dealing with your customers. Thanks again!"
"I've appreciated your quick e-mail responses, flexibility, and willingness to share information. It's refreshing. Your website, debth of products, variety of lychee trees, prices and products are really a grade higher than any other grower/nursery I've seen."

Lychee Fruit

"Thank you for the lychees. They are beautiful!"
"I love my lychees. Thank you so much."
"I got the shipment Wednesday and I've got to say the Lychees are excellent."
"Lychees arrived yesterday. They are absolutely delicious. Thanks."
" I received the lychees in very good shape. Everyone in my home loved it."
"I received the UPS package with the fruit today. The package was received in excellent condition. The health of the fruit is in excellent condition. Each one of them is in perfect condition."
"We just got back from our trip and i received your shipment of sweetheart. HOLY COW they are SO SO Delicious! Best lychee I had since China."

Lychee Trees

"I received my lychee tree today and it was in perfect condition. You really do have the corner on the market for the best way to ship trees."
"I got the second lychee tree today and it was in perfect condition."
"Received your lychee tree today. It arrived in good condition. The packing was excellent & I think that is why they arrived in such good condition. Thank you very much."
"Lychee trees arrived about 20 minutes ago and they are BEAUTIFUL. Put them in the greenhouse, gonna be a little chilly again here for the next couple days. Loved the packing job! Best I've seen yet, you need to give lessons to the rest of the gardening retail community."

Lychee Products

"The lychee iced tea was the best I have ever tasted."
"That was the best iced tea I have ever had."
"I have already eaten my whole jar of lychee jam!."
"I thought you would like to know that my order for the Lychee Honey arrived in perfect condition and to rave reviews! Home made biscuits with butter and your delicious lychee honey made our family reunion complete! Thanks so much!"