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Fruits of Warm Climates

This is the lychee info from Julia Morton’s famous book on tropical fruit: Fruits of Warm Climates.


A great site with lots of useful information and pictures about rambutans. There is considerable space devoted on how to pick and eat rambutans.

The Lychee in Florida

The Lychee in Florida – A resource by the University of Florida Institute of Food & Agricultural Services

Aloha Tropicals

The Lychee in Hawaii – A resource by the Department of Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences University of Hawaii at Manoa 

Arbor Grow

Agricultural and soil remediation consultant and supplier of organic and microbial products for nurseries, landscaping and agriculture industries

Fruit Lovers Nursery

Our nursery is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We specialize in the real rare tropical fruit trees and tropical fruit seeds. We also grow rare hardwood trees, palms, herbs

Oath Soil Life

    • Oath Soil Life
      microbial tree system
      is comprised of:
    • 100+ beneficial soil microbe species and strains isolated over the past 20 years
    • Custom blend of soil nutrients
    • Precision agronomic testing

Pine Island Nursery

Tropical fruit trees, akee, all spice, ambarella, annona, avocado, cherry, bay leaf, black pepper, caimito, canistel, carambola, cashew, coconut, coffee, curry leaf, grumichama, guava, jaboticaba, jakfruit, longan, loquat, lychee, macadamia, malay apple, mamey, mamee, mamoncillo, mango, miracle fruit, mombin, mulberry, papaya, pineapple, pitomba, sapodilla, tamarind, wax jambu, white sapote

Other Tropical Fruit & Plants

A great site with lots of useful information and pictures about rambutans. There is considerable space devoted on how to pick and eat rambutans.

Pernas Groves

Pernas Groves is a small American family farm located in the historic farming community of Redland in tropical south Florida. We take great pride in growing and producing the finest quality fruits and have been providing preferred, quality mangos and avocados since 1975. At Pernas Groves we have searched world-wide for the most outstanding mango and avocado cultivars, striving to bring you the best fruit available. We have sixteen outstanding cultivars of Mangos and 6 cultivars of Avocados. 

Wagon Wheel Coffee

You’ll find dozens of coffee articles, photos, expert advice on coffee and growing coffee trees, plus a Coffee Store offering fresh coffee beans, fresh ground coffee, live coffee trees and specialized growing supplies.

Additional Links

Lychee Extract May Reduce Abdominal Fat: Study

A recent study conducted in Japan at the Department of Medical Management and Informatics, Hokkaido Information University, concluded that a low molecular weight polyphenol (Oligonol) from lychee may reduce abdominal fat in people with metabolic syndrome. To read a summary of the article in Click Here

Featured Lychee Article

Learn the Particulars about Lychee Flowering  – – Almost every one who grows a lychee tree asks the same question: Why doesn’t my tree bear any fruit? This is a common problem with lychee trees and the answer and solution make for an interesting discussion. This article, divided into 5 parts, explains the morphology of lychee flowers and will help both the backyard grower and commercial farmer in identifying essential characteristics of bloom pannicles as well as methods to overcome the reluctance of lychee trees to annually bloom.

Lychee Information Center

Free Lychee Information  – Browse dozens of tips & articles about lychees including their origin, nutrition, varieties, propagation, planting, many aspects of growing lychee trees, soil conditioning, and the soil food web. Some of the articles are written by us, some are submitted by guest contributors and others we have reprinted from a variety of government and non-profit organization websites that have great information about lychees already written. As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with a central source for lychee information, new articles are added at least once a month.

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