Switching from Traditional Growing to Organic

growing organic lychees

In organic growing programs you feed the soil first the plant second. Your goal is to create the ideal soil environment, one that is biologically active, for the particular plant type you are growing / maintaining.

How to Start a Small Grove For Fun and Profit

starting a lychee grove

You do not need to have a lot of land to grow commercial quantities of lychees. Many people with only one or two mature trees can make a nice extra income by picking and selling their fruit locally or to fruit packers.

Air Layering Lychee Trees

air layering lychees

An air layer is a way to create a new mature lychee tree from the branch of an existing one while it is still attached to the parent tree. Since this process occurs in the foliar branches, suspended in air above the ground, it is referred to as “air” layering. The resulting tree is the same species and cultivar as the parent, rather than a hybrid with questionable fruit and growing characteristics.

Soil Food Web

soil science

The soil food web is the community of organisms living all or part of their lives in the soil. A food web diagram shows a series of conversions (represented by arrows) of energy and nutrients as one organism eats another.

Chapter 1:   THE SOIL FOOD WEB

An incredible diversity of organisms make up the soil food web. They range in size from the tiniest one-celled bacteria, algae, fungi, and protozoa, to the more complex nematodes and micro-arthropods, to the visible earthworms, insects, small vertebrates, and plants.

Tips on Getting Your Lychee Tree to Produce Fruit

Lychee trees grow in recurrent cycles of growth followed by periods of dormancy. Typically, a South Florida lychee tree will experience 4 – 6 annual growth flushes depending on the age and size of a tree. The trick is to have the tree enter the cooler months in a state of dormancy so that the next wave of emerging buds develop into bloom spikes, providing that the temperatures are at or below 68 degrees F (20 degrees C).